Monday, January 28, 2013

Crazy for Catsnake...

 photo 22187_151606154991909_314500712_n_zpse731de07.jpg

I am loco for these Catsnake cards.Designed and made in Dublin, these hand made cards are available to buy from their etsy store, or at various markets throughout the City.

What better way is there to show someone you care than by giving them a gorgeous card with 'Ride' on it?! Shop these cards HERE in time for Valentine's day !

19118_153018898183968_912978620_n_zps9ff375b4 photo 19118_153018898183968_912978620_n_zps9ff375b4.jpg
304151_151185718367286_908247365_n_zps2fe272e2 photo 304151_151185718367286_908247365_n_zps2fe272e2.jpg
 photo 27931_144760549009803_1981066318_n_zpsd8662af1.jpg


Hello! Want to win some vintage goodies? Alls you have to do is visit our facebook page HERE , share the post about the giveaway , and comment on it underneath!
You will then be put in a draw, and could win 2 x dresses, 2 x blouses, 2 x jackets and a bag!

c92a4b08695c11e2917a22000a9f1587_7_zps8d12d664 photo c92a4b08695c11e2917a22000a9f1587_7_zps8d12d664.jpg

Happy Monday and Good Luck!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Style Crushing on....

Miss Piggy. Yes, that's right. I was watching 'The Muppets take Manhattan' recently, and I couldn't help but fall in love with Miss Piggy's 80's tastic wardrobe. Every style savvy woman in the 80's had a power suit and a perm. All of them. Actual historical fact right there.

With more image overhauls than Madonna, and possibly even a couple more nips and tucks, Miss Piggy is still looking amazing today!

 photo cap027_zps32b7516c.jpg
 photo Teaser2_zpsa204faa3.jpg
 photo piggy_large_zpsa949e749.png
 photo misspiggysferobiqueexerciseworkoutlpfront1_large_zps55c024ca.jpg
 photo late-1970s_zpse6e1e13e.jpg
 photo 576400l-86400http3A2F2Fphugcuszenfscom2Fphugc2Fe3e89d86d8363cc3fe8035325b781edc2Fphotos2F974e462153e1452618dd7e0c5ffbbbfa2Fo_zps121591ff.jpg
 photo the-muppets-2011-movie_large_zps6bcf7c18.jpg

Keep an eye out on our facebook later for a giveaway!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Elena Perminova.

What's the best thing about fashion weeks each year? Of course it is the style on the streets, as much as I look forward to seeing my favourite designers showcase their new collections what really excites me is what people are wearing going in and out of the shows. Over the past couple of years street style has had such a huge influence on fashion thanks to blogging and now most magazines are featuring on their websites segments such as 'who we snapped this week' etc. There is no escaping streetstyle, you just have to look at how big and popular sites such as Lookbook & Chictopia are. Who would have thought a snap of yourself in an outfit in your bedroom could have such an influence.
There is a few fashion folk I always keep an eye out for each fashion week. Miroslava Mikheeva-Duma, Taylor Tomasi Hill, Natalie Hartley and of course Anna Dello Russo to name but a few. I follow them because they have fun with fashion. They obviously have great access to almost every designers wardrobe so hell, if I did I would also go a bit wild. Let's face it hardly any of us are going to go to Aldi in something Anna Dello Russo is wearing so most of these fashion 'pack' as they are known will probably not influence our everyday style but I love seeing what they are wearing each season.
Someone I have noticed over the past few seasons is Elena Perminova probably because you most likely find her walking into the shows with Miroslava. Her style is awesome as is her new white blonde hair.
Who are your favourite from the fashion 'pack' or do you prefer the model's streetstyle or the everyday girl on blogs?

Some of Elena's outfits from Haute Couture S/S 13...
34h8085_zps249c9f85 photo 34h8085_zps249c9f85-1_zps5b2383ee.jpg
33174_625x937_zps05a2906e photo 33174_625x937_zps05a2906e-1_zpsf2179299.jpg
47753561_zps38f8649b photo 47753561_zps38f8649b-1_zps87af197f.jpg
5012258_zpsb4f10734 photo 5012258_zpsb4f10734-1_zpsd892fda4.jpg

Photos from the fashion spot x

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

DIY shirt, Dolly Frocks Skirt....

Hello Hello!
Just a super quick outfit post of what I wore to a gig the other night.
The Tee is a D.I.Y. ( see here) and the skirt is from one of my favourite online stores, Dolly Frocks. I love it! I have mostly worn it with huge slouchy jumpers and lots of layering, but decided to try it in a (ever so slightly) dressier way. I still have to go the whole hog of dressiness with it, and will probably do that with a chiffon blouse, heels and a black pussy bow. Supah versatile and it's €25. I mean what's not to love!?
unaskirt_zps7d148c35 photo unaskirt_zps7d148c35.jpg
Tee- D.I.Y.
Boots, Necklace AND Bomber-Penneys.
Vintage Skirt-Dolly Frocks.

Shop Dolly Frocks by clicking here! ( Hands off the Bart Simpson blouse, it's MINE!)

(That's my dog Bear in the second pic, what a poser!)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday Night Love.

The hair... Perfect cut for Alexa.
 photo tumblr_mghmak45ph1qb35bro1_500_zps4315f6ad.jpg
 photo tumblr_mgkmb6x2dl1r2309uo1_500_zpsdea5ee43.jpg
 photo tumblr_mgesfmTTWl1qb4838o1_500_zpse5230031.jpg

The clothing item..these leather dungarees from Asos. I am deadly at finding things I love and then discovering they are not available anymore.
army3_zps54e36d18 photo army3_zps54e36d18-1_zps71d1789e.jpg
jumpsuit1_zpse97ff8db photo jumpsuit1_zpse97ff8db-1_zps5ea074c1.jpg

The make-up.
 photo tumblr_l1bo5yQDj71qargkfo1_500_zps8341a1ca.jpg

The song.. I am a sucker for a bit of Roxy Music.

The Shoot.. Cara Delevingne for W February 2013 "Heavenly Creature"(see more pics here)
23352_514215638601907_1309307773_n_zps93476eaf photo 23352_514215638601907_1309307773_n_zps93476eaf-1_zpscf22e1fe.jpg
481223_514215845268553_13162665_n_zpsad6fd5c5 photo 481223_514215845268553_13162665_n_zpsad6fd5c5-1_zpse8903fb5.jpg

Sportswear is everywhere.
 photo tumblr_mf410xTzXS1qd7t43o1_500_zpsa54020f1.jpg
 photo tumblr_mciqxiUlpf1qj6yu8o1_500_zps6aa2a92e.jpg
 photo tumblr_m3bpq09d5u1qepw2io1_500_zpse68622e6.jpg
 photo tumblr_m5tto2WBDP1rq5gv4o1_500_zps7dffecc4.jpg
 photo tumblr_maj3brse3R1rx4sc1o1_500_zpse63ac933.jpg

sources: the fashion spot, tumblr & weheartit x

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Night Love....

We hope you had a lovely weekend! Let us attempt to banish any Sunday night blues with a few images that have inspired us over the last few days...

Solange Knowles. If you are ever in a fashion rut , turn to this lady for a style kick in the bum.Her style is like a big explosion of fun, colour, texture and print. Her 'Today I'm Wearing' blog for was so much fun to keep track of!

 photo solange2_zps0428c1ae.jpg
 photo solange1_zpse2d9477b.jpg
 photo solange3_zpsd89cea2f.jpg
 photo solange5_zpsf6db3a48.jpg
 photo solange6_zpsf7846cc8.jpg

Speaking of Style Ruts, I have been bored to tears recently with
I had totally given up on what was once one of my favourite places to visit online. It had turned into a sea of skinny girls, with levi cut off shorts and hair down to their waists, wearing Ashlee Olsen type jackets and shades, all titled after Lana Del Ray songs. However, I recently got a pleasant surprise when I dropped by for a look, and found some new bloggers to style crush on. First up is Roos Anne Van Dorsten from Mode Rosa. Her style is grounded in basics, but she manages to make look really interesting and believable. #LOVE.
Roos-AnnevanDorsten2_zpse2274c98 photo Roos-AnnevanDorsten2_zpse2274c98.jpg
Roos-AnnevanDorsten_zps94e548ed photo Roos-AnnevanDorsten_zps94e548ed.jpg

We have fallen in love with Erica C Photography recently, swing by her facebook to check out her shoots.
21983_472962839434263_1534682800_n_zpsac025c72 photo 21983_472962839434263_1534682800_n_zpsac025c72.jpg

Some gratuitous model off duty fun....
 photo E5BYm_large_zpse9d35370.jpg
 photo tumblr_m2ymr0G6iD1qk991no1_500_large_zps13ed28f4.jpg
 photo tumblr_m9wz74MO9e1qi2usno1_500_large_zps6d6ecd6c.jpg
 photo tumblr_mam8zibjJf1qce2y5o1_400_large_zpsf9a1d936.jpg

Zara...Zara...Zara....oh how your new collection makes me weep tears of joy...
1494003800_1_1_3_zpsfef11704 photo 1494003800_1_1_3_zpsfef11704.jpg
 photo 2088359445_1_1_3_zps9ab24603.jpg
 photo 5274041800_1_1_3_zps7d7929dd.jpg

And if someone could send me these in a size UK5, I would be their bff for lyf!
 photo tumblr_mbdqpnBvRq1rrzbgzo1_500_large_zps70288d90.jpg

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, keep an eye out on our blog this week for another giveaway!

Images Via,, modarosa lookbook, erica c photography facebook, zara online.

Friday, January 18, 2013

A day for the ducks...

On days like today, there is nothing better than putting some slippers on, curling up with a hot drink and spending some quality time chilling out. So relax, and enjoy reading what we have been getting up to and who we are style crushing on this week..

 photo 5b9b7c0022d611e283e622000a1fb86d_7_large_zpsc1ee1ff3.jpg

We went along to the River Island S/S 13 press day this week. I don't get hugely excited by S/S showcases ( that's the pessimist in me. Ireland is never the place to wear most of the fab clothes on offer due to the pesky weather) but there were some amazing pieces in the collection.
We mostly hearted the kimono styles, jackets and accessories.
2013-01-15113745 photo 2013-01-15113745.jpg
2013-01-15113838 photo 2013-01-15113838.jpg
2013-01-15114239 photo 2013-01-15114239.jpg

This week, we have also been going hard planning issues 4,5 and 6 of 'tabitha'.
This is the part of the process we like the most. Lot's of coffee drinking ( for pleasure, not for to stay awake like times when it's approaching deadline), meeting with great people, idea storming, and generally hanging out in lovely places...

2013-01-09131304 photo 2013-01-09131304.jpg
Hot Chocolate on the quays, in Dublin.

We found our new favourite place in town this week also, it's called 'The House that Jack Built' and it's located just on Harold's Cross. If you follow us on instagram, you will have probably seen us gushing about it...

2013-01-17145507 photo 2013-01-17145507.jpg
 photo IMG_20130117_130205.jpg
2013-01-17145416 photo 2013-01-17145416.jpg
2013-01-17144912 photo 2013-01-17144912.jpg
And the best part is? They have CHICKENSSSS!
2013-01-17144722 photo 2013-01-17144722.jpg

We also went shopping in Deco Bake on the Quays. Seriously, even if you don't enjoy baking, drop in here for a look. It's such a gorgeous store, full of pretty things, and it may be a teeny bit obvious that we heart pretty things @ tabitha.
There is a wall of ribbons, for crying out loud! Heaven!
2013-01-09140609 photo 2013-01-09140609.jpg
2013-01-09140724 photo 2013-01-09140724.jpg

And this week, I have been in LOVE with Jessica Alba. Her Golden Globes look was definitely one of my faves, and her off duty look is just a good recently.
(Her bag choices, are sometimes... hmmmmm questionable, but I can let it slide because she get everything else so right)

 photo jessicaalba1_zps24531b6c.jpg
 photo jessicaalba3_zpsc6e640c9.jpg
 photo jessicaalba4_zps292cff70.jpg
jessicaalba2_zps522faf7a photo jessicaalba2_zps522faf7a.jpg

Happy Friday!

Images via daily mail, we heart it and our own.