Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Night Love....

We hope you had a lovely weekend! Let us attempt to banish any Sunday night blues with a few images that have inspired us over the last few days...

Solange Knowles. If you are ever in a fashion rut , turn to this lady for a style kick in the bum.Her style is like a big explosion of fun, colour, texture and print. Her 'Today I'm Wearing' blog for was so much fun to keep track of!

 photo solange2_zps0428c1ae.jpg
 photo solange1_zpse2d9477b.jpg
 photo solange3_zpsd89cea2f.jpg
 photo solange5_zpsf6db3a48.jpg
 photo solange6_zpsf7846cc8.jpg

Speaking of Style Ruts, I have been bored to tears recently with
I had totally given up on what was once one of my favourite places to visit online. It had turned into a sea of skinny girls, with levi cut off shorts and hair down to their waists, wearing Ashlee Olsen type jackets and shades, all titled after Lana Del Ray songs. However, I recently got a pleasant surprise when I dropped by for a look, and found some new bloggers to style crush on. First up is Roos Anne Van Dorsten from Mode Rosa. Her style is grounded in basics, but she manages to make look really interesting and believable. #LOVE.
Roos-AnnevanDorsten2_zpse2274c98 photo Roos-AnnevanDorsten2_zpse2274c98.jpg
Roos-AnnevanDorsten_zps94e548ed photo Roos-AnnevanDorsten_zps94e548ed.jpg

We have fallen in love with Erica C Photography recently, swing by her facebook to check out her shoots.
21983_472962839434263_1534682800_n_zpsac025c72 photo 21983_472962839434263_1534682800_n_zpsac025c72.jpg

Some gratuitous model off duty fun....
 photo E5BYm_large_zpse9d35370.jpg
 photo tumblr_m2ymr0G6iD1qk991no1_500_large_zps13ed28f4.jpg
 photo tumblr_m9wz74MO9e1qi2usno1_500_large_zps6d6ecd6c.jpg
 photo tumblr_mam8zibjJf1qce2y5o1_400_large_zpsf9a1d936.jpg

Zara...Zara...Zara....oh how your new collection makes me weep tears of joy...
1494003800_1_1_3_zpsfef11704 photo 1494003800_1_1_3_zpsfef11704.jpg
 photo 2088359445_1_1_3_zps9ab24603.jpg
 photo 5274041800_1_1_3_zps7d7929dd.jpg

And if someone could send me these in a size UK5, I would be their bff for lyf!
 photo tumblr_mbdqpnBvRq1rrzbgzo1_500_large_zps70288d90.jpg

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, keep an eye out on our blog this week for another giveaway!

Images Via,, modarosa lookbook, erica c photography facebook, zara online.

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