Thursday, January 24, 2013

Elena Perminova.

What's the best thing about fashion weeks each year? Of course it is the style on the streets, as much as I look forward to seeing my favourite designers showcase their new collections what really excites me is what people are wearing going in and out of the shows. Over the past couple of years street style has had such a huge influence on fashion thanks to blogging and now most magazines are featuring on their websites segments such as 'who we snapped this week' etc. There is no escaping streetstyle, you just have to look at how big and popular sites such as Lookbook & Chictopia are. Who would have thought a snap of yourself in an outfit in your bedroom could have such an influence.
There is a few fashion folk I always keep an eye out for each fashion week. Miroslava Mikheeva-Duma, Taylor Tomasi Hill, Natalie Hartley and of course Anna Dello Russo to name but a few. I follow them because they have fun with fashion. They obviously have great access to almost every designers wardrobe so hell, if I did I would also go a bit wild. Let's face it hardly any of us are going to go to Aldi in something Anna Dello Russo is wearing so most of these fashion 'pack' as they are known will probably not influence our everyday style but I love seeing what they are wearing each season.
Someone I have noticed over the past few seasons is Elena Perminova probably because you most likely find her walking into the shows with Miroslava. Her style is awesome as is her new white blonde hair.
Who are your favourite from the fashion 'pack' or do you prefer the model's streetstyle or the everyday girl on blogs?

Some of Elena's outfits from Haute Couture S/S 13...
34h8085_zps249c9f85 photo 34h8085_zps249c9f85-1_zps5b2383ee.jpg
33174_625x937_zps05a2906e photo 33174_625x937_zps05a2906e-1_zpsf2179299.jpg
47753561_zps38f8649b photo 47753561_zps38f8649b-1_zps87af197f.jpg
5012258_zpsb4f10734 photo 5012258_zpsb4f10734-1_zpsd892fda4.jpg

Photos from the fashion spot x

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  1. Lovely pictures!
    I'm in awe and love with the jumper in the 2nd photo
    UK High Street Fashion & Style