Tuesday, January 22, 2013

DIY shirt, Dolly Frocks Skirt....

Hello Hello!
Just a super quick outfit post of what I wore to a gig the other night.
The Tee is a D.I.Y. ( see here) and the skirt is from one of my favourite online stores, Dolly Frocks. I love it! I have mostly worn it with huge slouchy jumpers and lots of layering, but decided to try it in a (ever so slightly) dressier way. I still have to go the whole hog of dressiness with it, and will probably do that with a chiffon blouse, heels and a black pussy bow. Supah versatile and it's €25. I mean what's not to love!?
unaskirt_zps7d148c35 photo unaskirt_zps7d148c35.jpg
Tee- D.I.Y.
Boots, Necklace AND Bomber-Penneys.
Vintage Skirt-Dolly Frocks.

Shop Dolly Frocks by clicking here! ( Hands off the Bart Simpson blouse, it's MINE!)

(That's my dog Bear in the second pic, what a poser!)


  1. Absolutely looove this. The dripping c's is so cool!


  2. Hello, copyright? And please tell Alexa to feckin eat, throw her a sambo. Skeletontastic...

    1. omg is this our first troll comment? how exciting! xx