Thursday, July 4, 2013

Guest blog post ~ Current Style Crush

Julia Sarr Jamois

I feel like as of recent, and due to my admiration for Solange Knowles, I have fallen in love with Julia Sarr-Jamois, street style star, and fashion editor of Wonderland Magazine. 
I do not know what it is. No. Actually I do. It is a list of things. It is that large mane; full of curls (due to her half-French, half-Senegalese heritage) it is her ability to radiate effortlessness, through her quirky yet simple style. It is her ability to make me want to pretend I am making very important calls whilst my brother takes a series of pictures of me. 
What really gets me excited is the pairing of a simple, casual tee and a skirt with an unexpected print or colour, I love the way she deals in her basics, she livens them up, yet without making, her outfit look overbearing. Her style is just versatile; you can wear her outfits to your local Sainsbury’s as well as to a fashion event. By pairing her trainers with short, pleated or neon skirts, she is able to give what is thought to be feminine outfit an urban edge. Her style is also comfortable. Due to her bright coloured trainers, she is able to look at ease and laidback yet stylish. 
Here are the favourites. 
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