Saturday, September 10, 2011


I love Dazed and Confused magazine. It always manages to educate, inspire and intimidate me at the same time. This month's was guest edited by none other than the alien pixie wonder that is Bjork. To be honest, I had to re read a LOT of the magazine to grasp the concept, however when I did, it blew my tiny little mind.
The issue is based around Bjork's soon to be released album "Biophillia". Taking the form of an album , but being composed partly on an Ipad and incorporating different apps, this album is taking music to a really interactive place.
Sure , people might say that Bjork is selling out working with Apple, but I think that she has given a lot of up and coming designers and programmers the opportunity to work on something huge.
Ok, so I really recommend you to go out and read this issue of Dazed, because I sure as poops can't articulate all the amazing concepts and ideas expressed throughout.

Here is her video for Crystalline directed by one of my favourite directors evuh, Michel Gondry.


  1. Bjork is one of the leaders in music today - everything she does is golden, her reach is so much further than so many artists. AMAZBALLS :)

  2. one of the leaders behind justin bieber and rebecca black OBVS. muahaha. thanks for the comment saibh! x