Monday, March 28, 2011

Style File...

The lovely and super super talented Sarah O Neill!
Sarah owns her own fashion label Harlow & Harvey. Check it out on facebook here. Her designs are also available in Zebra in Galway and on the rag and magpie website.

The beautiful Aoibhinn Ni Shuillibhinn wore one of Sarah's amazing creations at the Peter Mark VIP Style awards on Friday night..

Top ~ Charity shop
Belt ~ River Island
Skirt ~ charity shop
bag ~ charity shop
Shoes ~ online

Jacket ~ Harlow & Harvey
Key Chain ~ River Island
Jeans ~ Miss Selfridges
Shoes ~ Gosh

Dress ~ New Look
Jacket ~ Harlow & Harvey
Shoes ~ Charity shop

~ Sarah's style questions ~

Who is your style inspiration?
Freja Beha Erichson

What is your favourite shop
Charity shops.

What is your favourite label?
Harlow & Harvey of course! Also Balmain, Balenciaga & Preen.

Best Bargain..
My wardrobe suitcase for six euro in a charity shop.

Favourite piece in your wardrobe..
My blue power blazer!

Thank you Sarah!

If anyone has any queries about Harlow & Harvey do not hesitate to email Sarah.

** Big thank you to Shane for taking the photos. You can check out Shane's photography page on facebook here **


  1. she looks fab, and her designs really are so rad...excited for the new collection... g'wan Sarah!

  2. LOVE that dress on Aoibhinn

  3. That first dress is STTTTTTUUUUUNNNING. and the hair not too bad either. Girl after my own heart with all the Royal blue and red.

  4. Really love that dress Aoibhinn is unusual!

  5. Thanks for visiting! Lovely post :)

  6. DROOL that dress in the first picture is super awesome x

    Come check out my shoe design blogspot? Think you'll likey....

    Take care

  7. Aoibhinn's dress was my favourite. The rest of the wimmin at the 'style' awards looked shockin'. SHOCKIN'!

  8. Thanks for commenting guys!! The dress was amazing as is sarah!! x

  9. she looks gorgeous and I love that dress she made for aiobhinn!!