Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Special Thank You....

Just a quick blog post to thank everyone again for voting us Ireland's Most Influential Fashion Blog of 2010. It shows us that we both have the most wonderful family, friends & followers and readers, and we couldn't be more grateful for that!

We love our little blog and we are delighted that people respond to it because essentially we started it for ourselves as a kind of scrapbook for everything we love in fashion. Over the past few months it has been a great foundation for tabitha and our styling work. We are delighted we can share that with you.

I could spend hours trawling through fashion blogs & despite the many opinions out there about them they are a source of knowledge, inspiration and can sometimes just be an enjoyable read and an escape from the real world. There will always be a new one to come across each day that you will find yourself going back to.I guess it is just about having a little respect for people who do their own thing and follow their passions as long as it is not harmful to anyone whether that is in fashion or some other field. Some serious talent has been found through the blogging world over the past number of years. Long may that continue.

We will be attending the awards tonight and are looking forward to it as there is not many fashion events here in Dublin! We know there has been quite a few opinions about the night (including our own) and what not but we are going to go and have fun and enjoy it! We really wish we could bring everyone who voted for us!

Congratulations to all the other winners. You can see the list here.

Thank you so much again. We are so appreciative of all the votes and support.

Lot's of love
Lou & Una
x x


  1. Thanks so much guys! We had a lovely night!! x

  2. CONgrats - I saw you guys on Thursday night & shoulda come to say hi, but chickened out of it! Well done on the win & you both looked great x

  3. Thanks so much!! Aww no way you should have come over!! We don't bite I swear!! hahah!! Next time come pounce on us!!! x x