Thursday, July 1, 2010

Style File Time......

We love nothing better than peeking into people's wardrobes....Here is our gorgeous friend Jenny...She has a vintage collection to die for (I want to steal that black dress). Jenny has awesome style, she is 1970's cool, has a lot of fun with her outfits and is not afraid to clash prints.

Long black dress from a vintage store in Kensington Market, Canada

Dress from Lucy's Lounge in Temple Bar
Vintage belt
Shoes from Topshop

Skirt from Wild Child Vintage in George's St Arcade
Playsuit as top from TK Maxx
Bag ~ charity shop
Belt~ Penney's
Hair clip~ H&M
Wedges ~ Topshop

Shorts, top & wedges all from Topshop

We sat down over some tea!! and asked Jenny some questions...

1. What is your favourite item in your wardrobe at the moment?
My pineapple shorts from Topshop.

2.Name some of your favourite shops...
Topshop, Wildchild, H&M, Twice as Nice and any charity shops.

3.What fashion websites do you love?, & obviously glamrocks (thanks jenny!!we will write you that cheque!)

4.Who are your favourite designers?
I like Valentino & Chanel

5.Name one dream item of clothing you would like to own...
A Black Chanel lace dress that is cream underneath.

6.Who are your ultimate fashion icons?
Twiggy, Farrah Fawcett & 1940's movie stars.

7.Who or what inspires your style?
Vintage shops I love the 1920's, 50's & 70's.

8.Do you find your style changes a lot?
No not really!

9.Finally who is your male style icon?

Thanks Jenny!!

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