Thursday, June 13, 2013

Guest Blogger: Greenwich and all its glory:

We are very excited to introduce our first guest blogger, Benita! Over the next while we will inviting various bloggers from around the world to show us their local area, and to give us any insiders tips into where the best places are to shop , hang out , eat, whatever!

If you feel like you have a lot to shout about, whether it’s street style, secret hangouts or the best place to shop , drop us a mail to

Hi there!
I’m Benita, an avid stalker of fashion, style, and art, I also love food, and would probably eat anything.  As a sixth form student who dreads Mondays, has mini breakdowns every now and then, I always find ways to indulge in what I love most.  This means that when I’m trying to avoid the ever growing piles of coursework, you’ll find me on Tumblr, fashion blogs, magazines seeking inspiration, in charity shops and markets, reading, eating, blogging, drawing and dancing (behind closed doors).
Here on Tabitha, I’m given the chance to share with you guys, little bits of my world and me.  Living in London, I’m immersed in culture and creativity, my style is mostly inspired by what I see outside my front door.  I will mostly do style posts, bits about London and inspirations, with hope that you are inspired along the way.

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Greenwich and all its glory:

Being a 17 year old Londoner, I’m always looking for ways to be ‘cool’ and ‘unique’. A trip
down Greenwich is one of those ways, especially in the sunshine.  Greenwich in the sunshine is
immaculate. I guess what I love most about is the energy-  it is so homely, it feels like a little private community, a little village where everyone knows everyone.  There is this buzz everywhere and everyone seems at peace with their lives, This buzz is especially rooted deep within the markets,which are immersed with one off pieces and vintage clothing.This is accompanied by intricate jewellery and accessories- think vintage store meets car boot sale.  At the clock tower market, you will a variety of stalls, from clothing to jewellery to antique furniture to vintage records, with rusty, yet cool metal signs.

Yet the main market is located deeper in Greenwich, here you will see anyone who’s anyone from food lovers, chefs to a wide range of artists.  People go there to this to share their creativity; I especially love the abstract artwork, spray painted t-shirts and homemade soaps (the scents literally take to you to a different place)
Also many of these creative talents are nurtured in the kitchen. 
Halfway down the market, I’m hit by a truckload of spices almost beckoning me to come, and,  as a avid lover of food this was close to heaven. 
There were foods from different parts of the world from Peruvian to Jamaican,and while waiting anxiously for your food; you have the delight of sitting by the local benches and watch it being made.

One of my favourite vintage stores is the small yet unique Beehive.Whenever I am in there, my head is just filled with inspiration, all the pieces there all have something to say.  It is split into half, one half being a clothing store, the other half, selling vintage records, compiling the main attractions of  vintage life.  Similar clothes are allocated together, so they are easy to access if you have a specific item in mind.  As a typical vintage store, wild, bright colours from different garments are merged together, everything is quite misplaced. There is a £10 rail, where you can find, brightly patterned and pastel coloured jumpers, or 50’s and 70’s dresses.  The vibe is awesome as usual, with the workers offering help and their own sense of style that reflects the shop itself.

As Greenwich is historical and I am quite a nerd, you will always see me wandering in the museum. I love learning new things and discovering history, the layout is so light and open, with wide spaces for activities and relaxation.  Just outside the museum is a little cafe, set outside against a backdrop of running children, a massive park and (on a good day) Sunshine!  You’ll also see me in queen Mary’s House and the Royal observatory, I often go there because of the range of prints, and timeless designs, I’m always left inspired.

Keep and eye out for more of Benita's post , coming soon! x

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