Monday, March 4, 2013

"When Life Was Exotic"

Will there ever come a day when editorials do not excite me?!I doubt it. The stories, the moods, the colours, the clothes, the locations, the list goes on. Ideas coming to life. Certainly not brain surgery by any means but we all have interests and passions that influence us from songs, to books to art to fashion and many other things. That's why I am such a huge fan of Grace Coddington's work for example,(we're always referencing her work on this old blog of ours!) she is the Queen of styling, creating magical stories over a couple of pages of Vogue each month.

This editorial from Vogue Japan caught my eye this evening, it is so beautiful, it deserves it's own blog post. Perfect inspiration for Spring. :)

Photographer ~ Camilla Akrans
Stylist ~ Sissy Vian

Vogue Japan April 2013

 photo e721f5f5-8c00-452c-b2ba-266759328a17_zps6b4c1a6a.jpg
 photo 225338_10151457829370827_1653983465_n_zpsb578a12f.jpg
 photo 306127_10151457830330827_1873701278_n_zps89955a25.jpg
 photo 385906_10151457829030827_509128621_n_zpsbec6fda1.jpg
 photo 419816_10151457829650827_1423535915_n_zps6401abc8.jpg
 photo 549871_10151457830235827_1864534263_n_zps82e23411.jpg
 photo 554957_10151457828810827_670826700_n_zpsb59e9e7d.jpg
 photo 577354_10151457829210827_1432005921_n_zpseb5a3fad.jpg
 photo 581933_10151457829895827_1260854115_n_zps81ad7895.jpg
 photo c4c0feae-930f-413f-bd2f-847426a1e069_zps7083cfc7.jpg

(source:the fashion spot)

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