Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday love...

We recently popped along to the Oasis S/S Press day. We were met by a room bursting with beautiful florals, pastel colours, pretty shapes and all things associated with sun. I especially loved the 'Wonderland' collection. If you, like me, are a girl who would run to the hills before wearing bodycon and appreciates a good prom shaped party dress, then this is the collection for you .They have also teamed up with a London Fashion Graduate to incorporate their designs in to some ready to wear items. High five for wearable art!

Neck Bling. The one true downfall for my bank account.

We also went along to the Diet Coke/ Marc Jacobs launch in BT2. Lots of fun was had there. I HEART my bottles, and have happily added them to my collection of previous Diet Coke collaborators. 
Here is Louise with our gorgeous pal, Julianne.

The BT2 Window. Hella Cute.

Shooting with the Gorgeous Simona from Catwalk, behind the scenes shooting for issue 4 of tabitha.
We had so much fun shooting this and can't wait to show you all the finished pics!

Cara and a Pretzel. Just 'cause.

Any vintage junkies, head to the Davenport Hotel in Dublin tomorrow and Sunday for The Spectacular Vintage Wedding Fair!

And just for the day that's in it.... 


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