Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday Love....

Courtesy of our intern Kim, enjoy!

Awards season is here and we’re here to judge. There’s nothing better to distract from a dreary weekday in February than having an intense discussion with your housemate about the best dressed verdict that was stuck on Jennifer Lawrence (kudos for recovering from her Carrie Bradshaw moment though). We disagree; we’re backing Amanda Seyfried in lilac Alexander McQueen and Amy Adams in the I-stepped-straight-out-of-a-fairytale Oscar de la Renta. Honourable mention for the Jessica Rabbit inspired hairdo sported by Jessica Chastain, hair porn at it’s most luxurious.
 photo 063cd231-518d-4ec2-a88b-9aa834c439f1_zps1727311b.jpg
 photo 19caf4ad-349f-47b9-9a24-1fe326aa9c5c_zpsb5948450.jpg

Tropical Popical...
The fashion world seems to be in a nail art frenzy at the moment and with the opening of hot new nail bar, Tropical Popical, in our own fair city you have no excuse not to follow suite. Located on South William Street and described as “Tropical scenes with a soundtrack of pop via a love affair with Dublin; flashy fashions; colourful nails and more than a dash of kitsch” taking inspiration from a trip to the homeland of good nails, the US you know you’re hands are going to be in good hands. Plus their Facebook and Pinterest are amazing, especially “ride of the week”! (https://www.facebook.com/TropicalPopical http://pinterest.com/tropicalpopical/)
 photo e998eb9c-741f-4112-a4af-ded1c9c59613_zps8635189f.jpg

JW Anderson for Topshop...
The second coming of JW Anderson X Topshop has me, for one, very excited. Having fawned over the first collection, the second has a feel of off kilter school girl with lots of argyle, structured tailoring, boyish shoes and of course, black. My wishlist consists of the kilt, vinyl trench and the dodo embossed button up.
 photo 0aa6ccc2-c06e-4333-8a37-e62cbacdd724_zps37616c7a.jpg
 photo 83e3d137-000c-4e9e-9b7b-1448a9d08c8b_zps00070e96.jpg
 photo 0d15d355-84bd-45d7-afe8-8c3f67dd798a_zps3a0d7ce6.jpg

The Blonds...
One of the most unique and frighteningly good shows from NYFW was the fall line from The Blonds’. Inspired by Stanley Kubrick and Alfred Hitchcock models took to the runway in what can only be described as asylum chic. The brand designed by David and Phillipe Blond and sported by celebrities like Katy Perry and Beyonce, croquet mallets at the ready, is blood is the new black?
 photo c8503fa4-07a2-4f0a-925e-4dc1e6db2539_zps968dd6b7.jpg
 photo f318b1ee-298d-4113-969d-0d564a6090fc_zpsa7b0cf36.jpg

The Feb/March “Babes” issue of Wonderland magazine is out now featuring an editorial from London’s cheerleading squads. You can also check out the teaser video from the shoot on their website (http://www.wonderlandmagazine.com/2013/02/cheers-to-that-the-babes-issue-trailer/) It’s super cute and makes me want one of those hair bows, I’ll leave the athleticism to the professionals.
 photo ae5f6978-4746-42e1-906a-c597283a79ea_zps1786bb54.jpg
 photo 7a0ff49f-184f-4650-b583-3490b18ab141_zpsc678c5b4.jpg

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