Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Burberry Prorsum F/W

I love Christopher Bailey. If you were to ask me what show I would really like to attend, Burberry would be in my top 5. We've only ever made it to standing outside the show at LFW a couple of years back when we would head over like two bright eyed kids, camera in tow!(Though 4 years later we'd still be the same!) The atmosphere outside the show is awesome, it's always packed and buzzing with bloggers, photographers and general fashion folk trying to catch a glimpse of everyone attending. It's fun, which is what fashion is supposed to be.

I have always loved his collections, we all remember the aviator jackets and who in their right mind would say no to an iconic Burberry trench? It is great how he has made his shows so interactive and invites everyone along to watch it live on the day. I always try to catch it online if I can. There is just something exciting about his show each season and I love how he supports emerging music artists.

What do you guys think of his latest collection? I wasn't a big fan of his S/S collection it was probably one of my least favourites of his but I adore the colour palette used for A/W and although everyone is saying the heart patterns cheapens his collection I rather liked them. I also LOVE the gold belts around the coats.

However, I just cannot forgive those owl kitten heels Christopher.

Some of my favourite looks..
 photo Burberry_Prorsum_FW13_style_017_zps1f2d77e2.jpg
 photo Burberry_Prorsum_FW13_style_002_zps4d0cddc1.jpg
 photo Burberry_Prorsum_FW13_style_040_zps4eeb3e45.jpg
 photo Burberry_Prorsum_FW13_style_034_zpscb831cdb.jpg

(the fashion spot)

p.s. Does anyone else think that Cara has been a little bit oversaturated this season, holy moly she is everywhere, the it girl of the moment. This is what happened to Abbey Lee Kershaw a couple of years ago and now she is more or less completely off the radar. Ah fashion.

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