Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 ... top 10 things that made us LOL.

So another year has come and (almost) gone. First of all, we want to thank everyone for their support this year in allowing us to get our first 3 issues of 'tabitha' published. You guys are the best, and we couldn't do it without you all!
Anyhow, enough of the sappyness.
Here is our annual top 10 list of things that made us laugh until our shoes fell of in 2012.

10. Samuel L Jackson did a cover of Nicki Minaj's 'Beez in the trap'.
Here it is on a loop for 10 minutes. You are welcome.

9.The Eurovision. Ah yes, always a high point in our annual calendar. This year's winning song has provided many an evening's soundtrack while we attemt to re create the dance moves. But it's the Russian Grannies, that will make us look back at 2012 with an extra 'WTF?'
Did they know what was happening at all? We will never know.

8. 2012 was definitely the year of The Meme. With every celebrity story / politican fail/ media mess up etc there was sure to be a meme circulating around every social networking site within hours. From 'The Ridiculously Good Looking Guy', To 'Hillary's Phone', the meme caused many o'LOL's.

Gotye knows the score.
Doctors got real.
The cows revolt!

7. The World Ended. LOL JK. No it' didn't. Those crazy Mayans. The practical joke heard all around the world.


6. Cheryl Cole perfoming on the BBC's 'Stand up to Cancer'. I literally DIED when I saw this first. It's both horrific and amazing. One one hand , hearing her whisper sing along to the track was hilarious. On the other hand, once she realized what was happening and start to sing (or did they just turn the vocal track up?) she did manage to pull it back.
If you don't like to feel embarrassed while watching something, don't press play. However, if you wish to see something it....

5. The Late Late Toy Show Boy. For any of those reading that don't come from Ireland, let me fill you in on The Late Late Toy Show. Every year at Christmas since the dawn of time, or more accurately the invention of Christmas, the Irish have marked the occasion with a T.V. spectacular filled with children, magic, joy, product placement, and usually one very awkward T.V. presenter. This year , one little guy stole the show and gave us all a lesson in the perfect exit.
Apologies for all of the youtube clips, but this guy had to be seen

4. The ill fated Jesus Fresco. Oh , the poor woman who thought she was doing a good deed by painting over a really, really, really old fresco using poster paints. The consequences were hilarious, and brought so much inspiration to the halloween costume idea vat this year! Huzzah! Three cheers for Cecilia GĂ­menez, who rumor has it , has begun selling her art online for a large amount of money, so it worked out for everyone in the end. Except the poor fresco.


3. The 'Ahhh HEYOR woman'. Another gem captured on the streets of Dublin, which created a sound track to any conflict situation. Or Government sitting.

2. We came, we danced, we Oppa Gangnam Style'd.... over a billion times according to youtube. A billion. Photobucket

And now for the number 1 spot. What we considered to the best LOL of 2k12.
Drumroll Please......BRrrrrmmmmm....

And the winner is...
Angelina's Leg!

That's right, a limb! From the second she stood on the red carpet, we knew that the real star of 2012 was being shoved out at the most awkward angle from behind the black fabric.
All hail Angelina's Leg, which has been rumored to be starring along side Claire Dane's darting eyes in a Summer 13 blockbuster.


So there you have it folks, thanks for sticking with us for another year. We hope you have a great evening, whatever you get up to !
Bottoms up!


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