Wednesday, October 24, 2012

These Boots....

I worked as a montessori teacher for a number of years before taking a break to work on tabitha, one of the many lessons you concentrate on with the kids is their balance, its simple you get some black tape and their attention (they wig out when its 'balancing time' also with 'scissors' time - give them any form of responsibility or challenge and you are laughing!) You put a long thin line of the tape on the floor and get them to walk on it without coming off. (always one messer who just wants to pick off the tape, of course!)

Well fast forward 20 odd years it is very clear I never got that lesson in pre-school because lads my balance ain't good! I bow down to any woman who can walk around all day in high heels making it look easy peasy and still be uber ladylike. I can't even last a night out in them.
The streets of Dublin are not made for sky scraper heels and as I work and live in the city centre I walk everywhere so comfort is a must. I love my new boots from Clarks. I picked the distressed brown colour because I already have a black pair similar to them and I don't mean to sound like a Granny but my word they are comfy, like two cushions on your feet! Sorted.

Jacket ~ tabitha vintage
Boots ~ Clarks
Leggings ~ Penneys
Fleetwood Mac tee ~ Topshop
Cheesy grin ~ my own


  1. Wow you look stunning! Jacket envy! Xx

  2. love the jacket! and the boots look really comfy haha:) x

  3. Love this look, so heritage! The boots and the jacket are to die for ♥

    Lana, xo

  4. nice blog ^^ loves it))

    follow me and i follow you)

    xoxo Christy