Tuesday, September 11, 2012

FOLK off!

Hands up who hearts vintage. Yep, us too. And for any self respecting Irish vintage heart-er, when asked where they love to shop, Shutterbug is one of the first answers that jumps outta their mouth.
So when we heard that Shutterbug founder Blanaid Hennessy was expanding her biz with a new website, www.folkster.com, we were more than a little excited.
Explaining the concept of the site, Blanaid says
“The store is a new adventure, a sister to Shutterbug, rather than a replacement. It’ll be a home for the contemporary brands we love, a Shutterbug Vintage edited collection and an all-new ‘Folkster’ line of clothes and accessories.”

Oh...and it's stocking Jeffrey Campbells.

In the words of Rachel Zoe..."I die."

So keep an eye out for Folkster.com, as we are sure it's going to swiftly rush to the top of our favourite online shopping spots over the next few weeks.


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