Monday, January 16, 2012

Golden Globes 2012 , betches! ...

Ahh I love this time of year. Awards season.It's all about the red carpets, the dresses and the obligatory judgment from journalists, bloggers and general fashion bitches worldwide.
Bring it on!

Last night was the Golden Globes. The Tesco Value version of the Oscars.
This year was definitely the year of the cleavage. It was also the year that I screamed "TOO MUCH" a lot at the photos from the red carpet.

There were a good few laughs so I'll start with my LOL-fest pics.

CAM-ER-ON. What was going on in your pretty little head when you came up with this? The hair? Good lord you look like a Cruise Ship singer from the 90's.

Poor Natalie, someone forgot to tell her that she left a coat hanger in the butt of her dress.

Ohhh , good idea Lynsay. Match your hair , face and lips to your dress.

Erin...Erin...Erin..Normally you can do no wrong..but here it looks like your head has spun 180 degrees around and that's your back.

And this is what boobs look like when one is trying the escape one way and the other is hellbent on heading the total opposite direction.

Other offenders:
Kim Kardashian: Put it away. And while you're at it , go away too.
Sarah Michelle Gellar: Art Attack gone loco.
The Osbournes:Obvious offenders.

My winner of last night was Jessica Biel. It seems that the Royal wedding has sent everyone into a lace , wedding gown frenzy, but she is makes it work.


  1. Jessica Biel looks amazing, love the dress xo

  2. rachel evan woods peacock dress was ammmmazing. and Tilda swinton looks unreal in haider ackerman. I love that face that she always does something weird and brilliant. Also! Diana argon [or the blonde beure from glee, as I call her] wore a giles deacon dress that I hand beaded when I worked there so I'm going to be pure biased and say she looked unreal aswell.

  3. I am shocked, SHOCKED, at Erin. There are no words. None at all.