Friday, December 2, 2011

Tabitha Magazine. Launching Soon.

The excitment around here. All the blood, sweat & tears are totally worth it when you care so much about something you have created from scratch and you get to share the amazing creativity that is in this country. There is some serious talent here in Ireland and we are so thankful to the many that have contributed to Issue 1 of the magazine. We are very excited to say that tabitha will be launching shortly,it is something that we have wanted to do for a very long time and we are nearly there! Phew!!
We really would love to get the magazine printed and distribute it for free around the country so people can pick up a copy if they wish. We have enlisted the very good help of to help us achieve our goals!
If you click here the link will take you directly to our project page on the website. We really appreciate any sponsors and we would be sincerly grateful if you could spread the word to whoever you can via your facebook, twitter, blog etc! There are a nice few rewards up there if you do wish to donate!

Sincere thank yous x x


  1. That is great news girls, congrats and best of luck with it! xx