Thursday, June 23, 2011


So a couple of weeks ago I hit jackpot in the skips outside of NCAD. It was raining really heavy and I spotted a familiar sight peeking out from under some paper. Vogue. Bam. Vogue from the 80s,  double bam! In total I found four copies in really good condition (they even had the little free  perfume samples intact) . A couple minutes later and these would have been ruined in the rain,  reduced to a miserable wet pulp. I would like to think of it as fashion fate.

Here are some (dodgy camera phone snaps...soz!) taken of the January '87 issue.
Some of the shoots are amazing, others are so gas they make me want to transport back in time to see if they were ever considered acceptable (see: swimwear shoot re: inappropriately high rising thongs.)

There's herself.

I would happily wear all of this...

All white trend..


I will sign off with this classic Ad...She looks like a mom from a Hallmark movie..

I will blog the other 3 copies soon , with better quality pics promise! x

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