Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Inspiration for Today..

We're back! Had a great time at Forbidden Fruit! Caribou & The Flaming Lips were definite favourites. The Flaming Lips put on such a good show. It was awesome!Hope everyone who went had a great time! We don't have photos except ones of us messing ha we were too busy enjoying the music and spending time with our lovely lovely friends! Thanks Pals x x

Now to some Inspiration..I want to eat this shoot it's so good. Stunning work as ever from Jalouse magazine and Charlotte is so beautiful. Love the colours used and the styling.
"She's a Rainbow"
Model ~ Charlotte Free



  1. Duuuude, had I known you were at Forbidden Fruit we would have had a merry old time! Was there on Sunday! Scored pass/lift/place to stay last minute, would have been rude not to go sure... It was the best day ever!
    Im guessing you guys had a mighty fine time also, and sure maybe ill catch yes at castlepalooza/picnic? ...

    I want to live in a music festival forever!!!!!



  2. aww shit! Ya we were there both days! Such good fun! I know what you mean about the festivals! Wish I could go to them all! Im sure we will see you soon!!