Saturday, May 7, 2011

Some Thank You's..

* We would like to say a huge thank you to the lovely Laura of who named us her style online icons of the week on the RTE Red Radar blog! She said some lovely things about us and our blog and we are very much appreciative of her kind words! Watch the video here and please take time to check out Laura's blog here x *

* We also need to say a huge thank you to Sarah from The Licientate blog who said some lovely words about tabitha vintage and recommended it to her readers! So so kind of Sarah to do that. We really appreciate all the support we get for tabitha and we are very grateful that you mentioned us! So thanks again! You can check out Sarah's blog here *

Big hello to all our new followers! Thanks so much! Hope you are enjoying our blog! We are coming up to our 1,000th blog post very very shortly and we can't believe it! We love our little blog and have to pinch ourselves sometimes when we think of all the wonderful people we have met because of it online and in person and all the amazing things that have come our way because of it.
We are organising something special for the milestone blog post. Stay tuned and thanks so much again!!

x x


  1. Congratulations girls!!

  2. Congrats ladies! and the blog deserves all the success it gets, ONWARDS AND UPWARDS!! :D