Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The big 1000!

So today may mark the visit of a certain little lady to our little country, but for us, it marks our thousandth blog post! That's right, we have rambled , gossiped , joked and waffled on for 999 posts. We would like to thank EVERYONE for following , reading , commenting, supporting (and voting for !) our little blog for nearly 3 years.
It means an awful awful lot to us, and we decided , as a kind of reward for putting up with the pair of us, we will post some of our most MORTO photos taken of us down the years.
Believe me there are plenty more where they came from so if you wish (and if we get enough requests) we will lift the lid on many more of our fashion horrors. At least we were adventurous I suppose ! HA!

*wardrobe malfunction..ahem*

And now for something really special.. from the Louise Ryan archives.
Me and Lou aged 16

Yes, that is a scarf tied around my low rise hipster jeans. And yes , Louise's jeans do meet the top of her boots.

Aged around 13 or 14, on our way to local teenage disco. Good Lord I was wearing an ELASTICATED sequined boobtube with a white SHRUG. Cringe.com, Lou was going through her B*witched phase so I believe this look was based on either Keavy or Edel. Either way , we were both mad cool.

So a big huge THANK YOU to everyone who has worked with and put up with us for this long. Here's to another 1000 posts ! I'll sign off with a video I posted on blog post number 1....

Una and Lou xxxxx


  1. awww...loved this post and all the pics too! weldone on the 1000th post, jaysis thats something...im on 150 and I thought I was a mad thing!

  2. yeahhhhhhh....
    Kinda regretting the props I gave you on Redradar now...
    Congrats on the 1000 and fair play for the photos, love 'em! I'd NEVER EVER!!!

  3. this has been the sweetest post ever x

  4. Thanks guys for your comments! Glad ye like the post! The state of us!!
    @whisty I know you should take it all back now after this post!!

    x x