Sunday, April 17, 2011

Style File.

Thank you to the gorgeous Kellie for letting us peek into her wardrobe today.
Kellie's style mixes vintage with highstreet perfectly and she does it with such ease , we're so jealous!
This girl is definitely someone to keep an eye on ( for her style, not in a creepy stalker way)

Thanks to her sis Zara (who FYI is also a big ride ) for helping out today also.

Pants and Socks : American Apparel
Sheer Blouse : Pennys
Lace Bandau : Urban Outfitters
Creepers: China Blue

Dress and belt :Ritzy Rags
Doc Martins
Bracelet and Glasses :Topshop

Dress : Urban Outfitters
Jacket: V for Vintage
Docs : China Blue
Socks : Topshop

Cardigan & Tshirt : Urban Outfitters
Dungarees: Rockit
Bralet: Topshop

Who inspires you style?
Hannah Marshall, Alice Delall, Pixie Geldof.

Favourite item in your wardrobe?
My Creepers.

Anything you are coveting at the moment?
Sheer Black Dress, Tie Dye tshirt.

Favourite place to shop in Dublin?
Ritzy Rags!

Best bargain buy?
Dress (as shown) for E1.50!

Thanks so much to Shane again for taking the pics! Shane O'Connor Photographycheck it out!!


  1. great little style going on there
    lovely pics too x

  2. wow she got game! adore that teeny tiny belt in the dungerees x

  3. Yeh she is pretty awesome!! Thanks for commenting! x

  4. absolutely the little picture collages cute!