Friday, April 29, 2011

Style File time..

Our latest style file comes from Sinead Coughlan owner of super awesome boutique , Public Romance which is based in Galway.
Sinead's style is an eclectic mix of statement and one off pieces.

Blazer , Top, Hat , Scarf - Public Romance
Trousers - Flea Market
Shoes- Topshop

Everything Public Romance, apart from Shoes- Topshop.

Jumper- Thrift Store , Notting Hill
Hat- Thrift Store, Galway
Shoes as before.

What inspires your style?
My mood. My style depends on what mood I'm in , like if I'm feeling confident it's more about bright colours.

Favourite place to shop (apart from Public Romance!) ?
Beacon's Closet, NY.

Style Icons?
I have no icons as such but I respect Grace Jones and how she's styled herself.

Has owning Public Romance affected your style?
It's made me less materialistic . I buy clothes for the store and then sell them on , so I don't feel as attached to clothes any more.

So thank you so much to Sinead for letting us take a sneak peak into her wardrobe!

And for anyone thinking of visiting Galway, make sure to pop to Public Romance!
Although , be warned, you will want to buy a. lot.

And thanks again to Shane for taking these pics! x


  1. most stylish lady I know by far!

  2. Thanks for commenting! She looks amazing! We love her style!! x

  3. Such neat pictures! Very inspiring. Love your blog!

  4. Thank you so much Paige Very kind of you! x