Friday, March 4, 2011

Style File....

We had an absolute ball a few weeks ago in Galway with our 3 new style file girlies!! We were in a fashion packed apartment playing dress up and having a peek into their wardrobes! What more can you ask for on a Sunday eve! We only wished we could have gone out with the girls afterwards but we had to return home boo!!

First up is the gorgeous aspiring model Ciara..

Top ~ American Apparal
Leather leggings ~ Topshop
Snood ~ Penneys
Shoes ~ Ebay

Chain ~ Asos
Top ~ Ebay
Trousers ~ New Look
Shoes ~ Asos
Belt ~ Charity shop

Dress ~ Harlow & Harvey
Boots ~ Ebay
Rings ~ Asos

~ Ciara's style questions ~

Who is your inspiration?
Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast fame.

Where do you love to shop?

What is your favourite label?
Asos, Alexander McQueen.

Tell us your best bargain story.
I bought a 1940's inspired coat for a fiver in Penneys!

What is your favourite piece in your wardrobe at the moment?
My acne wedges.

Fashion Motto.
"Itl work if you work it"

Big thank you to Ciara x


  1. I love the acne wedges - my love for them took a while, mind. At first I thought they looked like orthopedic shoes, but they've grown on me to the point of near-obsession. typical.

  2. She looks amazing (as always)
    I think I might have to talk to a local fashion designer about the fabulousness of that dress.....

  3. Thanks for commenting!!!
    @jessica Oh I know!! Her style file will be up shortly!!
    @rouli thank you so much!!
    @margaret yes she is!
    @kit cat I know I would love a pair of those wedges!