Tuesday, March 1, 2011

LFW ~ Those Famous Folk.

I should work for mr paparazzi himself.

Mario Testino ~ what an absolute gentleman. Kate Moss's fella is actually made of orange leather. I am sorry.

Josh Beech. He is one handsome fella.

Shout out to this chap. You might recognise him from the Burberry campaigns he did with Emma Watson, she then appeared in his music video. He was the only one who came sauntering out of the Burberry show with a glass of champagne in his hand, handed it to his assistant beacuse he panicked when he saw the police and then pretended to not know where his car was so walked up and down about 10 times in front of the cameras. Wow. Sure he may aswell!
You would know we were obsessed with the 80's ~ Probably the only people who actually took pics of these..

Yes that is Simon Le Bon.


  1. fab pictures, in my oppinion Josh is actually one of the best models nowadyas! ( and yes I love him) :)