Thursday, March 24, 2011

For shame MTV...

All you show is that show about pregnant teenagers and now you've only gone and canned a potentially amazing life changing TV spectacular.
Check out the unfinished title sequence for the ill fated Lauren Conrad fashion reality show. Seriously my mind is blown thinking about her would be philiosophical voice over.
The. world. has. been. robbed.

You're a shady person MTV!


  1. Those bastards!! I'm gonna forgive them and then i'm gonna FORGET THEM.

    Totally devastated that this won't be joining my list of unashemedly trashy tv obsessions, booooo!

  2. Hah I love the comment above :-) But yea, I would love to see this - maybe another station will pick it up...

  3. Hahahaa!!! shady people.. shady !!!

  4. aww thats and awfully lovely intro to be wasted