Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Getting ready for Spring..

The Outfit..

Shoes ~ Asos
Outfit ~ Topshop
Shorts are big news for S/S. I love these silk blue ones. Great colour & plenty will go with them. Colour blocking is also on trend this season and if you are not comfortable yet with introducing bright colours into your wardrobe this shirt is ideal as the colours are subtle. This fringed cardigan is perfect to throw over your outfit until the warmer weather kicks in! How gorgeous are those shoes I love them!
Asos have a range of awesome floppy hats if you want to embrace the 70's trend x

The Hair..

The Make-Up..

The Pretty Pic..

The Thought..

The Song..


  1. so fantastic - love that rusty red :)

  2. Love floppy hats....just a pity we live in the windiest country EVER!

    Also love those shorts!

  3. Thanks for commenting guys!
    @margaret I know its a gorgeous colour!
    @hermia hahah I know we need bloody glue to stick the floppy hats down maybe summer will be nice to us this year! I saw some amazing hats in penneys today I want one!!

  4. I've been dying for a pair of shoes similar to those! I shall be making an online trip to ASOS now :)x