Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The devil wears... awful shoes.

So one of the highlights during London Fashion Week , was bumping into the infamous bowl haired , soul destroying , carbohydrate hater Anna effing Wintour outside of the Matthew Williamson show.
That's right, us low lifes breathed the same air as the Vogue-inator. (I mean she probably had a teeny tiny filter protecting her precious lungs from our public cooties hidden in her hair somewhere..but still).

However, at the time of this picture being taken we were obviously blinded by the glorious light emitting from her presence to notice the catastrophic beings placed upon her feet.
Good god, the inhumanity..the disaster..the serious shoe FAIL.

This woman has access to every pair of shoes ever made since Botticelli's time and this is what she chooses? Must be an ironic statement or something.


  1. Agreed ! AW is good for fashion but not for her own person. I mean she always looks awful for me.

    See U !

  2. omg. how awful. was she getting dressed in the dark...?!

  3. I know! She certainly sticks to her own style! Pointy suade knee high boots i just cannot cope with!! x