Sunday, January 9, 2011

Thanks so much...

To everyone who has been supporting our little blog in the competition being run by the awesome Faye Dinsmore.

Firstly , we would like to thank Faye for taking the time to put this competition together and recognizing the talent, ambition and ability that is often overlooked in Ireland.
From fashion photographers, to make up artists ,models,agencies and of course fashion bloggers,this competition is shedding light on the mass amount of talent this little ole' country has to offer.

So, as we are in the fashion bloggers category it would be great if you could vote for us!

However since we are running alongside some of our favourite blogs (what will i wear to day , a chick named hermia,s-oh-s-ew and blondorexic, whisty, the licentiate name a few just off the top of my head!!) we know it's a tough decision. And not only are these all amazing blogs but they are all completely lovely girls who work hard and deserve to win.

I think I may be talking myself out of votes now haahah... anyhow...

Here is the link, we are number 18!

Most of the other blogs in the running are in our blogroll , at the side of this page so go have a look!!

Sure it's all just a bit of fun really aint it!!


  1. hi girls i just voted for you. i was looking for glmrocks i didnt know your name the best of luck. talk to you some time in 2011 lucy

  2. Hi Dee!!! thanks so much really appreciate it! Yes we will be in to see you!! x x