Friday, January 7, 2011

History Class...

Do you ever get stuck in a loop in youtube? You know , when you watch one video and the you decide.."oh..I'll just watch this one too.." and before you know it it's 3am and you've watched every scrap of film the band/ singer/ actor has ever made.

Well that may ...or may not (it did) have happened to me today with..Steps. Oh God.

So in order to post this video and disguise it (loosely) as a fashion post I'm going to take you on a trip down memory lane (or should that be lame) to 2001 ahh a simpler time, and relive all the hideous fashion crimes that were committed in this video, as well as in mine (and yours?) wardrobe.

Fashion Crime..

No1. Coloured hair pieces. Ah yes I had a "gorgeous" blond and fuchsia pink hair clip that if I cleverly clipped onto the top of a bun my hair was transformed into a disgusting neon birds nest.

No2. Silver eye shadow. Worn all the way up to your eyebrows.

No3. Tops that came down in a triangle below the belly. The height of unnecessary.

No4. Belly chains worn as belts. Preferably diamante.

No5. "Cute" baby spice-esque hair bunches. Oh no she did-n't. Oh yes I did.

No6. Elasticated sequined cropped boob tubes.
OK this list is pretty bleak and making me scarlet for my past self.

So let's see , anyone else have any awful late 90s early 2000's fashion crimes they would like to get off their chests?


  1. This made me laugh an awful lot; I remember asking santa for a diamante belly chain. He delivered. I was so, so happy. I also had a neon yellow bird's nest, and frosted pink lipstick.

    Sian. x

  2. oh god. We're are so on the same wave-lenght recently. I ended up in a steps nostalgia loop just before xmas. I was all bout the bunches and the sequins and silver anything and those platform reebok shoes. awww the horrible memories.

  3. ''Tops that came down in a triangle below the belly. The height of unnecessary''

    haha! fantastic post :) there are too many horrid things to remember from the nineties. The worst fashion decade ever.

  4. reminds me of the 90,s alright. combats were another one. platform runners (spice girls) shiny my raver days... goodtimes...

    fashion house x

  5. This is hilarious! Great post. :)

    I had one of those velvet Spice Girl hairbands, I think they made Boyzone ones too..
    I too had strange fake hair pieces, mine was maroon if I remember correctly.
    And mid-sized silver hoop earrings from a shop called 'Dynasty'? Beautiful.

    x Laura.