Thursday, December 2, 2010

No I love your Blog!

The lovely Elle of the Ball tagged us in her "I love your Blog" post. Go read her blog its fabulous! Thanks for tagging us Emma! x

Why did you create your blog?

The freedom you have as a blogger is fantastic. You can write about whatever the hell you want whenever you want to. What a great way to express how passionate you feel about something whether its fashion, food or just writing about everyday life. You get to do it your way and if people respond to it well then thats an added bonus! We've always said to ourselves that its important to be ourselves, be honest & have fun! We started our blog mainly for ourselves .. I think maybe thats the point where everyone starts really. We weren't aware of the number of blogs out there but its amazing the list of blogs we go back to again and again! As long as your enjoying it keep doing it!

What kind of blogs do you follow?

Mainly fashion ones because thats where our passion lies but after meeting bloggers in person and online we are open to reading any style!

Favourite make up brand?

The aul faithful Mac. Though the two of us are trying out the Clinique anti blemish foundation at the moment. I've been suffering a bit with spots lately (too much info?? Sozz!) so I said I would give it a go!

Favourite clothing brand?

We are all about the vintage! You cannot beat it! If I won the lotto I would hit every vintage shop in the world for one of a kind pieces! I have just heard that Alexa Chung is making a new programme in America at the moment about thrifting and vintage stores. I was like waaaaaa I want to do that!
My dream brands are Chanel & Chloe. Though I look at the collections each year and could eaily pick pieces from any of them! Too much amazing clothes out there!

Your indispensible make up product?

Foundation. I love benefit blusher too.

Favourite colour?

Grey I just love it. I also love wine, burgendy, plum shades at the moment. I love grey on guys.

Your perfume?

Chloe. The one with Chloe Sevigny in the ad. My all time favourite.

Favourite film?

Oh wow. I could not pick one at all. We both loooove movies. The one I really enjoyed recently was The Social Network. I wanted to smack Justin Timberlake's character in it but it was really good. I wanted to delete my facebook after it. I didnt though haa!

What country would you like to visit and why?

I've been lucky enough in my travels so far! I've yet to reach the west coast of America. I want to go there for the thrifting & vintage shops. I haven't been to Paris yet. I want to go and see the Parisian women in real life and drool over their style! I love travelling so I would be happy going anywhere really!
Una would definitely say Tokyo!

Write a question yourself and answer it : What is on your television right now Louise?

Ahem. Peter Andre's Xmas Xtravaganza Top 20. For shame. Hahaaha!

This was fun I have no idea who has answered so far but we will tag...



  1. haha! don't be embarrassed about listening to christmas music now - it's december, after all! and I heart grey, too - i have so much grey clothing... it's essential when u have pets!! plus, i'd kill to be alexa cheung! x

  2. Oh I know ! We are huge Alexa fans!! Thanks for commenting!! x