Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Debenhams online...

SO! Today we were invited along to view the new Debenhams online store before it launches later in the week.

Lads, we have to say... they have thought of everything. This site is so user friendly we were coo-ing and ahh-ing at all the loveliness before we had even parked our bums in front of the laptop!

The site hosts all the clothes in the men and women's departments...including all the designers , including H! by Henry Holland (from which we have a mental shopping list), shoes (oh yes ,glorious shoes) , make up including our previous favorite benefit and now our newest favorite bare minerals, perfume,kids toys , lingerie...... oh did we mention food and Christmas things? Yes.. old school candy totally perfect for xmas prezzies and hella cheap!

Also stocked is the homeware which is only goooorrrgeous and completely handy for me as I can hardly carry milk home from the shops , let alone furniture!

Best part is delivery is only a fiver for any size purchase, and it accepts Laser cards! So literally you can do alllll your Christmas shopping here , as it caters for every single person you can think of ( seriously, I am not kidding!!) and you can avoid all the horrible Christmas shopper rage , and that awful risk of getting at least 5 umbrellas shoved in your eyes as you walk down henry st., as well as dodge the heartbreak that is trying to find parking in Dublin city around the Christmas season! So get the fire on, keep your pyjamas on , turn on a nice movie and relax with some retail therapy at hehe!

We will keep you posted here about the launch day for the site, so keep and eye , have your plastic at the ready..and please...apologize to your bank account in advance on our behalf!

We would like to thank Niamh for inviting us and Karen from Debenhams for their brilliant hospitality! Also a big thank you to Maja from Bare minerals for doing our make up and making us look..half decent haha !

Here are some pics..

ah sure look at us there hahahaahaha


  1. I'm so glad they finally set up an online store!

  2. Its really good hermia!! its got EVERYTHING on it! really does spare the anguish of xmas shopping!