Monday, October 18, 2010

Oh dear......

I usually have lots of love for Miss Zooey Deschanel.. however I just do not get the recent Rimmel ad. with her.
First of all, when I think of her, the "London Look" aint what I imagine, so I don't understand why she is telling me to get it at the end of the ad.

Secondly , it's as if she's lost a bet and had to do this ad. against her will. She looks awkward and embarassed in it.. and the walk across the screen...well it's enough to make a certain mr.sketchyinc FLIP out everytime it comes on T.V.
* Edit: o.k. I am aware that I have posted the version of the Ad. that doesn't show her talking but I'm sure you have seen the one on T.v. as it's played every 12 seconds!!*

The behind the scenes video is actually better than the finished ad. and makes her look look and like she's having a blast with her lash extending life changing mascara or whatever it's called.

As for the photo campaign ....yowzaaaaa...

Can we get a round of photoshop fails to table 3 please??


It doesn't even nearly look like her anymore. What in the worrrld??
(images yoinked from makeup savvy )


  1. She looks like Audrey Hepburn's peculiar-looking sister in those pics...

  2. Its just all round tragic really!