Monday, October 25, 2010


So last night me and Lou got in the Halloween mood and scared ourselves poopless by watching "The Strangers"... (not a good idea when all we had was a sleeping 8 week old puppy to protect us ..)

So we decided to make a list of our favourite halloweeennnyy movies..

The Lost Boys

Hocus Pocus

Halloween.. (check out jamie lee's hair. massivvve)

Nightmare on Elm Street

and Monster House...

Have you got any faves??


  1. I am such a scared-y cat. I can't sit through any kind of horror film without having nightmares for weeks.

  2. Heheh I know I get so scared too I end up covering my eyes for most of the movie but I still gotta watch loads around halloween time!! x

  3. Hocus Pocus = compulsive viewing! I've not seen either Halloween or Nightmare on Elm Street, boo for being such a horror novice.