Sunday, September 19, 2010

Speaking of Girls Aloud...

This cover nearly made me drop my Mexican fajita kit all over myself in Tesco the other night when I spotted it. I literally had one of those halt everything, jaw hitting the ground moments looking at it.


Well done Vogue for making one of the world's most beautiful women look like a blow up doll mixed with a post lobotomy Stepford wife!!
And what is up with the flowers that seem to be growing from her bellybutton on their way up to strangle her?

And her mouth! It looks like she's been stung by evil terrorist bees carrying collegen explosives in their stingers.
And the angle of her shoulders make her head look like it's been crudely stuck on with Microsoft paint!!
And as for her Princess Diana / Woman wounded by man expression / pose...yikes..
And...And...And...eugh too much to type..

Needless to say, I disliked.


What do ye think??

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