Friday, August 6, 2010

What i would like to wear Today....

All available from (Promise more outfit posts from other shops! Topshop just keeps delivering!)
Scarlett if anyone saw me drooling over this coat in Topshop yesterday. The pic does not do it justice..Go see it in real life... I know it is not a work of art or anything but c'mon I have a clothes problem or more recently a coat problem.... I may have tried on about 10 coats in Zara yesterday and shed a tear when it was time to leave (I am joking...or am I?!) You see if you live in Ireland you have an excuse to think about f/w coats because all I've seen is rain lately ( I love how I am sitting here writing this blog post and the sun peeps out ...jeeeez) Zara has every fall winter coat I want a camel one a navy one..... A coat a day I think.
I hear good weather is coming next week...may take my brain off the coat obsession for a while.

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