Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Behind the scenes...

Of our most recent shoot for the Vincent's store.

Thanks to the ever lovely and talented Siobhan McDonnell for doing such a fab job with the make up again, and for putting this video together, good work lady!
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Also to Maire Hughes for modeling, you were amazing! (She's a bit of a looker , aint she?)
Thanks so much to Amanda @Momento hair salon, Galway for doing a wicked job with the hair!

Also to O'Connors Pub in Salthill , Galway for being so accommodating and allowing us to use their great put for the location , also to Mr.Michael Forde for getting out of his bed to open up for us!

To the Vincent's store on Sean MacDermott Street, thanks again for being so helpful and allowing us to borrow the clothes.

And lastly but definitely not least, thanks to Shane O'Connor AGAIN for doing such a brilliant job with the photos and Congratulations on your acceptance into the RDS student awards! woo!
Be sure to visit his site and drop by his exhibition next week if you're in Dublin!

Stay tuned pics will be up ASAP!

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