Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What not to watch ...

So has anyone seen the US version of "what not to wear?"
It is actually one of the most offensive shows on TV.

Every week some poor person is stripped of any identity they had and slapped into a v-neck sweater with "Capri pants" and kitten heels (whoever invented kitten heels deserves to be locked in a room with those yokes off loose women while they're talking about sex or something sick...euuuugggggghhh *shudders*) , then given a hack job hair style by literally, the WORST hairdresser known to man...seriously, he could be given rapunzel's hair to style and she'll get up off the chair with the EXACT SAME HAIR AS HIM! Scrunch blowdried , bowl cut and greased to the max, he is possibly the most horrific part of the show.

I had to have a rant about this because recently I watched another episode ( I know, I know don't watch it if you don't like it.. but it's like watching Ashlee Simpson realize that her backing tape has looped...carcrashtv-alicious)
And there was a girl on from Texas. Granted her hair colour matched that of a can of fanta, but other than that she was awesome.
She wore this brown paisley print maxi dress with beige fringing down the sleeve, something kate or sienna would rock ...and all Clinton and Stacy (yea I know the presenters' names, wana fight about it?) could say was " oh NUH UH you look like you're from the 70's ...are all your clothes OLD?? here's a rule throw out anything you bought before 2005" .
So she did... and that included a beautiful sheepskin coat and a cropped leather jacket with fringing all down the back and sides.
I actually shed a tear for those amazing clothes that went in the bin.


Ps the first image up there is a reveal...see what I mean?

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  1. Thats so funny me and a mate were watching this shit yesterday I could only handle watching half of it! And Clinton! what a dumbass! he knows nothing about fashion. Obviously! But ya so my mate made me turn it off after I began to go hoarse from shouting at the telly