Tuesday, March 2, 2010


So Terry Richardson has done the new campaign for Aldo ..

I think the pics are nice, well taken , models looks cute, shoes look good... but pretty bland. His style is so hard to figure out. On the one hand, when he goes down the naked chicks making out path and I think "ew desperadooo"... especially when he's in the pics with the nude girls. Kinda reeks of eau du old perv to me.
But then take any edge out of the pics and they get dull...
I think I like his work, but then again ... try something new not just varying extremes of the same sort of pictures.
I think.

This is just me rambling...hehehe , what do you think?


Models Jessica Stam and Boyd Holbrook.

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  1. Funny thing is, he does almost all of the H&M campaigns/promotions. And while I can totally recognise the Aldo campaign as typical (mainstream) Terry, not sure I could really say the same for anything for H&M.