Tuesday, February 2, 2010


"Fashion is about, fashion and personal style is not about excluding people, it's about taking people who feel like they're on the downside (sic) and giving them tools by which they can project another self.... freedom or just the ability to change.

You look at Marc Jacobs, you look at Alber Elbaz, you look at the top people working in the business... these are not people who grew up comfortable in themselves. These people who realized early on that if they dressed a certain way, they could project another image to the world. An image that might be true to them... it allowed them a fabulosity that the world was denying them. If you look great your whole life, wear whatever. Who cares, you know? Fashion is about allowing you to be someone that you think you can create.
It's so many more tools. I never understood why people find it to be such an imposition in their lives. It should be a pleasurable thing to do."

Sally Singer

(Quote from Bryanboy.com)

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