Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Brits 2010 WARNING very negative post. hehe

So the Brits were on last night.

Noel Gallagher swore a bit. Groundbreaking.
Lady GaGa wore something stupid and faked cried during her acceptance speech.
J ross did a Richard Madeley does Ali G thing .Cringe.
The lad from Kasabian fell on his arse. Brilliant.
Cheryl mimed. Badly.
Lily Allen ..don't even get me started. What. a. twat.

And Florence and the Machine did an awful duet with dizzeee bleedin rascal. Or am I alone in thinking that it was awful? I just thought it didn't work at all and didn't showcase one of her original amazing songs. Liked her dress and the petals tho.

Overall I thought it was a bit shit really.

Nothing could beat this ..

images via getty

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