Monday, June 29, 2009

girl crush over load!

Apologies for poor quality I just go too excited and had to post this!

Love Leighton and Alexa x

Saturday funday...

We headed to toejam in the bernard shaw on saturday. Apart from the overall hippy-ish feel we found a few bargains in the mix...
Lou got a lovely hair band while I picked up a cute old suitcase.

Plus it was hella sunny. Woop.


Oxygen 2009

We are sooo excited...!!!


Sea of blue rinses..

So last Monday we hit the button factory (armed with free passes which we got at the last tassel club extravaganzaaa!) to go see the Dublin City Jazz Orchestra. They are a 17 piece Big Band and have a gig there every Monday...

It was really nice evening , could have done with a bit of glamour but hopefully that will start happening as the weeks go by :)


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sit back and listen......

what a tune.

Fancy meeting you here...

So we've been very bold off having lots of fun and neglecting our poor blog. Slap on the wrist for us... tut tut. But we have been taking lots (and lots) of pics so here goes ...

First up is the AIB street performance world championship we went to last weekend. We decided to swing by because we were doing the style file with Maebh and she lives really close. We arrived towards the end of the day so missed quite a bit, but it looked like great fun, and we were kind of kicking ourselves that we didn't make more of an effort boo!

Our favourite bit was the really cute tea and cupcake shed which had tiny chairs and amazing cupcakes, they will be at electric picnic this year so we'll see them there ... YUM!

Warning..most of these pics are just us being really silly.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

oooh Perez.

I just need to get something off my chest. This is a call for everyone to stop looking at Perez Hilton's site. Seriously, the man is a coward, bully and awful celeb blogger.
I used to read every day but after his attack on Miss California I had to quit. OK so the girl was uneducated about gay rights, the last thing he should have been doing is calling for her head on a plate! How about educating people on your blog instead of riling up hate?
I nearly puked in my mouth when i watched this.
If anyone has ever encountered a bully in their life (and I'm sure you all have) then I'm sure you will all be familiar with the lame justifications of his actions. " I mean I called fergie fugly, but it was all light hearted" ... and " I write about other people's drama I don't want my own"... Em seriously Perez? He then goes onto admit that he called a fag!! Worst gay rights (self appointed) ambassador EVER! Gay people should be (and I'm pretty sure they are) offended that he used such a slur and embarrassed to have him playing the poster boy.

For a middle aged man to flip out like this after 5 years of making a living out of bullying everyone who he can behind his little laptop to be only hit once is pretty remarkable if you ask me.

In fact let's look at an example of his beautiful way with words directed at a FIFTEEN YEAR OLD GIRL...

Bullying is disgusting, just like Perez.

Read, the man is a genius.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Style File....

Roll up , Roll up and welcome to our very first style file! This will be the first of many articles that will be done on people who we find interesting and oh so stylish...
It takes a certain type of person to be considered stylish (ha, well in our book anyhow). Size, shape, budget.. whatever if you can pull together an outfit that shows your personality and creates a signature for you, then we will bow down (or photograph you for this blog hehe!).

So our first victim is our lovely friend Maebh.She is a photographer and has been rocking the vintage/ high street / charity shop look for as long as I've known her. When we asked her to describe her style in three words she chose.. "vintage" , "fun" and "eclectic".

She has the enviable talent of being able to find the most amazing pieces in charity shops that leave me green every time I ask her where she got them!
Another great thing about her is that she will always tweak a dress or a top with some customizing which makes it unique.

Maebh tells us that Textures really inspire her style. She likes to mix fabrics and prints as well as styles such as boyish and really girly. I think this shows in her first outfit here...


Blue and White striped shirt H&M,
Brown Belt H&M,
Baxter Jeans, Topshop,
Brown Brogues, Topshop,
Bag Oxfam (customised by Maebh)
Glasses, Vintage Market - Amsterdam,
Watch, Casio.

So Maebh.. how would you say that your clothes express your personality?

Usually my mood effects what I wear day to day. Also what I'm up to or if i have something special to go to.

What would be your favourite item of clothing?

My black American Apparel dress, because it's so versatile and goes with everything.

Outfit two is Maebh's night time choice...
This is a va va voom dress if ever I've seen one...and where did she get it? the WAWA (women's aid store) for a bleedin fiver.


Shoes , Forever 21,
Lace Laces, Market in Prague,
Tights, H&M,
Dress, WAWA store Aungier st,
Belt , Wild child,
Ring , Forever 21.

Where is your favourite place to shop in Dublin?

Derinitely Wild Child! Not only do they have amazing , and affordable stuff but it's somewhere that you can get inspiration from just by walking around.

How Important is fashion to your every day life?
It wakes me up, keeps me going...makes me smile!

Any style Icons?
Vivienne Westwood and Alexa Chung.

We asked Maebh to pick an outfit that really shows her personality for her final look ...let's see what she came up with!


This is a fun look which isn't afraid to clash!
Top , Pull and Bear,
Skirt, Pennys,
Tights, M&S,
Jacket, Zara,
Belt , Wild Child,
Bag, Urban Outfitters.

All pictures taken in Maebh's Apartment and Merrion Square.
Food Provided by the lady herself.
Stylish and can bake a mean raspberry and almond cookie?
Lucky boyfriend!

Thanks to Maebh for taking part in this little article. If anyone would like to have their style profiled, please contact
Check out her blog here!

The Time Traveller's Wife......

Deffo want to see this when its released!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Welcome Home.

Don't ya just hate that feeling when you touch down in Dublin airport and feel the freezing irish coldness when you get off the airplane after a lovely sun holiday....horrible......oh and turbulence-not cool. this has cheered me up no end though heheheee.....

Back to Reality....bring on Brighton and Paris!

Monday, June 15, 2009

It is a truth universally aknowledged...

that a zombie in possession of brains must be in want of more brains..

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies... genius.


Thanks Maebh! x

DIT Graduate Show..

So I popped along to a couple of the DIT's graduate shows around town last week.
Some really nice work , if you're around the Smithfield or Temple Bar areas you should drop in...

I went with my loverly friend Maebh and we had the most delicious hot chocolates after. Emm has anyone noticed that the prices in Heavenly have gotten pretty ridiculous?


Then we may have raped topshop with el discount card-o... sweet sweet nector..

After which we stopped into Oasis, no , not to purchase some fine diamante covered chiffon / silky number but because they were handing out FREE cocktails and champagne. And a buy one get one free meal vouchers in Captain Americas! So the afternoon of visiting galleries spiraled into and evening of buying outfits , heading out the town cheap-o-stylee.

Good day...

Friday, June 12, 2009

Ahh the olden days..

Here's a vid I havn't watched in ages... Shane recorded a night's drinking on his fancy schmancy Apple... It's funny how quickly u forget it's recording. Ahhh that was a good night...
I look like a big bore in this cause I came straight from work that night, ahh me H&M days, good times...
I was probably asleep 5 seconds after the end of this song..they don't call me darth fader for nuffin.

Here comes the sun...

Call me a kid but I just love this movie. Maybe it's because I know someone who bears more than a passing resemblance to the leading bee...

Melanie Laurent..

Talk about nailing a shoot..


J'adore Jalou...


Girl crush du jour...

Abby Lee Kershaw. Babe.


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