Thursday, June 25, 2009

oooh Perez.

I just need to get something off my chest. This is a call for everyone to stop looking at Perez Hilton's site. Seriously, the man is a coward, bully and awful celeb blogger.
I used to read every day but after his attack on Miss California I had to quit. OK so the girl was uneducated about gay rights, the last thing he should have been doing is calling for her head on a plate! How about educating people on your blog instead of riling up hate?
I nearly puked in my mouth when i watched this.
If anyone has ever encountered a bully in their life (and I'm sure you all have) then I'm sure you will all be familiar with the lame justifications of his actions. " I mean I called fergie fugly, but it was all light hearted" ... and " I write about other people's drama I don't want my own"... Em seriously Perez? He then goes onto admit that he called a fag!! Worst gay rights (self appointed) ambassador EVER! Gay people should be (and I'm pretty sure they are) offended that he used such a slur and embarrassed to have him playing the poster boy.

For a middle aged man to flip out like this after 5 years of making a living out of bullying everyone who he can behind his little laptop to be only hit once is pretty remarkable if you ask me.

In fact let's look at an example of his beautiful way with words directed at a FIFTEEN YEAR OLD GIRL...

Bullying is disgusting, just like Perez.

Read, the man is a genius.

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