Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ever wish...

that bands and singers just sung about what was actually happening in their music videos?
Thanks to our lovely friend kate for sending this to us and making milk come out of our noses laughing hehe

High street done good...

H&M have collaborated with a bunch of those sleb folk to bring out their fashion against aids range.
25% of sales will go towards the aids awareness groups.
Love Dita's pic and tshirt , gona nab me one on tues...


watch this cute is robyn??

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

been waiting to see this vid...

Great song. Great band...

Am I off me bin when I say...
The vid kinda reminds me of a bitta this...

mixed with this?

all above are bona fide tunes.

Dim the lights folks, it's about to get philosophical.


There are people, we all will meet them at one stage or another, who are consumed by the need to out-shine you. They live their lives thinking of you the entire time. It's like a little worm that festers through them. Their jealousy drives them. They spend every second hoping that you catch a glimpse of their achievements and think..."damn I wish that was me." When in fact you may catch a glimpse and think "good for them". Because deep down you are glad that is NOT you. You can sleep at night knowing that you are being true to yourself and doing things for your own enjoyment. Whatever achievements you make , you feel nothing but over whelming pride and happiness. Not bitter, resentful or revengeful.
In fact when these people do something good and better themselves just to out do you, you can feel flattered that you had a helping hand on their path. They needed the push and you were the one to give it.
So wish them well, let them watch your every move and continue on not paying attention to theirs, living your life happily, content and true to youself.

“Never does the human soul appear so strong as when it foregoes revenge and dares to forgive an injury”

Edwin Hubbel Chapin

In preparation for our Paris trip ..

Planning our perfect wardrobe is fun!

Pure Class.


J'adore Audrey Tatou.

Oh Happy Days.....


I wanna have a garden party......and its going to look like this....

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Here is some fabulous photos from the cirque du cabaret launch party in the Odessa club in town taken by the lovely Anette on her holga.
anyhow in the first pic you can see one of the owners of dirty fabulous on baggot st. , Sara Colohan, some rockettes and us two dweebs.
The lower pic is of the performer Annette Bette. Serious girl crush.



Wednesday, May 20, 2009

get festival fit!

Even though it's raining out there and it's hard to get the summer feeling we better get ready for a whole summer worth of festivals that are about to get under way!
And with bands such as kings of leon landing on our shores we need to be looking our "oh this old thing? i just threw it on... ahem" best for caleb and friends. hehe.

So here's our pick of some amazing festival essentials to perfect the disheveled and yet completely gorgeous and took hours to perfect my tousled hair look.

SO first up is the perfect denim cut off short. To be worn with torn /opaque tights or brave it and go bare legs. Even though I have "issues" with fake tan I do honestly believe that Irish legs shouldn't be exposed in their blue/grey state. So a light covering of fake bake should do the trick..

I love these topshop frayed and studded ones

Alternatively I found this amazing daisy dukes on ebay for 7 pounds! bargain!

If u really wana be authentic then grab ur old levis and hack the legs off. Does the trick! Recession, WHA??

Next stop is finding a top..
Urban outfitters have some gems like this oversized striped tee..

Ed hardy have a wicked cool fringed one that's bang on trend while still being cool enough to wear in 5 years time.

Another great ebay find, this vintage fringed top nice huh?

You can always go down the dressed down glam look here too, how about replacing the tshirt idea with sequined top? With the shorts/tights combo it's not too dressy but still completely cool.
This top is available from I do loves it lots.

Next is accesories... bangles are key in this look and the more the merrier! so stack em high..think wooden/ gold / old and beaten..

I would love to guarantee sandal weather for the festival season but alas this is Ireland so rain is inevitable.

These cute gladiators are only €6 from pennys (primark) and since they're so cheap you wont feel as cheated when u have to chuck them back in your tent to pop these bad boys on...

Ah yes the classic green hunter boots. Every fashionable festival goers best friend.

Again the shades are weather permitting depending on how defiant/ rockstar you are..

Aviators again are classic but oooh too cool for school.

At this stage a straw fedora could push u over the edge into desperado-ville or be the perfect finishing touch. If the first is the case stick to braided disheveled hair (that we all know you went to perer mark for but shhh it's ok)

Ta da! Now all you have to do is learn the obligatory rockstar strut and yer set!


eternal sunshine..

Michel Gondry we heart you.

Token perfume ad post

When we saw the new Elizabeth Arden ad campaign in glamour mag this month , we thought the tv ad would be just as gorgeous.
Turns out it's kinda lame.
Here is the fab photo ad though..


I think it's the song. Hmmmm..

Thank you Marc Jacobs!

Our favourite blog just did a post about an exhibition in NYC... "the model as the muse".
Fingers crossed it will still be up when we go visit in August!
Sooo there like a square..

Check out Brooks eyebrows, woahhh...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

nice bones.

This is a pic I have in my room of me and the boyf.
No we weren't dressed as matching raccoons, we were supposed to be scary ghoulish skeletons.
Anyhow this is just a post to tell y'all to go visit his website. It's gas.

Lou was at this fancy dress party too. I wish I could post the incriminating vid of her trying to burst a blood special effect tablet in her mouth while dressed as the world's funniest em I mean terrifying vampire. Maybe I'll just post it to the News of the World.


Reasons why we love the 80's.....



Monday, May 18, 2009

I want candy...

So in the mood for this movie right now.

"Say you don't know me or recognise my face say you don't care who goes to that kind of place.."

We love this city......
novelty tourist pic
really cool guitar exhibition we went to 2 years ago near London bridge
making our mark
summertime in London
novelty tourist pic number 2
ahhhh krispy kremes.......donut heaven.
Palmers's Lodge hostel...would deffo recommend this place!pic does not do it justice
Toy store top floor Harrods. love it. ahh the doll house obsession continues...
celeb spotting in Heathrow. GAS.GAS.GAS!!!

see you soon London

x x

rain rain go away..

I'd like to think that on days like today when I get caught out in a rainstorm , I look something like this...

However..I'm aware that the effect is more along these lines. Expression included.

I once had a sweet little doll, dears, The prettiest doll in the world.

Since our little trip yesterday I've become a little obsessed with dolls houses.
I would love to build a giant one...

does anyone else remember the episode of are you afraid of the dark where the kid gets trapped in a dolls house? it's creepy. but would be fun to recreate for pics.. hmm

Sunday, May 17, 2009

reasons we love katie perry

reason 1.

dolls, castles, angels and demons.

So today we took a spin out to Malahide Castle to visit Tara's Palace, which is a GIANT dolls house that was built way back in the days of yore.... which was sometime around the turn of emm the century or something. Whatever,history wasn't my bag. Anyhow it's in a beautiful little museum (with a lovely lady selling tickets for it at the door. "2 tickets for the 2 see the dolls" hehe) which houses many dolls houses from the 1900 upwards. The collection includes some from Vivienne Green as well as a house owned by Lady Wilde (Oscar's Ma).
Photography was banned , and as Me and Lou live our lives like undeniable rebels we didn't take any snaps but found some on the net instead.
It's only €4 euro in , with every penny going to various children's charities.
So go on and spend a rainy Sunday in the valley of the dolls.

After that, we headed outside to the lashings of rain and pegged it to the car. Seriously I felt like screaming apologies at all the poor tourists braving it in their wet gear. I guess though if you want to see the country in it's truest form then today was as close as yer gona get.
Then it was time for our favouirte activity. Shopping.
We visited the gorgeous Cath Kidston store in Dundrum shopping centre and the lovely girls working there let us take some snaps.
We want to live there waa! (ps I'm moving house soon so vouchers for said store will be a gratefully accepted house warming present ahem ahem)
We both bought gorgeous mini suitcases with a smaller suitcase inside it at the cheap ole price of €16 , sure where would ye be goin!

After there we headed to the cinema (via urban outfitters, of course) to check out Angel's and Demons.
Turns out Tom Hanks and the Catholic Church were like peas and carrots again.