Friday, October 2, 2009

Style File Numero 2......

It was a while coming but at last its here! Our second style file!! Meet our gorgeous friend Kate who works as a visual merchandiser in H&M ..... The Queen of making a simple white vest look amazing by teaming it with customised boots and a statement jacket be it studs, sequins or biker (believe us she has them all....This lady owns 5 leather jackets!). Kate is one cool chick with a shoe collection to die for. I asked her to describe her style in 3 words and she simply said "Rock and Roll" I couldn't agree more. Let's take a peek into her wardrobe...

Who/what inspires your style?
In the past few weeks off duty models have definitely influenced what I have bought and looked for in the shops. Models like Freja Beha Erichsen, Irina Lazareanu and Lily Donaldson are totally along the lines of my kind of style. Other than that I spend hours on various blogs looking at other peoples outfits and where they find inspiration. I have to say my biggest inspiration of this year is rock and roll- It's so easy to move from a very laid back, basic look to ultra glamorous and yet they are equally as effective. I just try to avoid any throwing of t.v's out of hotel windows!

Do you find your style changes a lot?
I would not say it changes a lot. I've worn skinnies with a t-shirt/vest and boots for the longest time now most days. I guess it depends how lazy or bothered I'm feeling when I wake up-sometimes it will be a lot sloppier, sometimes it will be dressier. I am one of those people who is always wearing some variant of the same style outfit, just in different shades of grey!!

Do you have any favourite styles?
Aside from the obvious of my own personal style influences, I do like the vintage-esque kind of androgynous look that some girls take on. The Fearne Cotton/Alexa Chung kind of style. it would never work on me but I definitly appreciate it. I actually really like it when girls are the complete opposite of my style too-ultra feminine , very dainty looking-It is always so charming to see when its done properly.


Outfit 1.
Dress- River Island


Who are your ultimate fashion icons?
Going to take this answer as people in the industry who are icons for who they are and what they do and have achieved. Emmanuelle Alt, whose personal style is impeccable and is also such an amazing stylist. Just look at any Isabel Marant and Balanciaga show of late. Hedi Slimane who single handedly revolutionised modern day menswear with Dior Homme.

What is your favourite item in your wardrobe at the moment?

My black leather biker boots from Next.


Outfit 2
Stripey dress- H&M
boots-New Look (Kate added the chains from B&Q!!herself!)


Name some of your favourite shops...
Topshop, Zara, H&M of course and If I was super rich it would be Acne and Alexander Wang!

Are there any particular fashion websites you love to browse through?
The Fashion Spot, Modefeber and there are too many blogs that I love to mention.


Outfit 3
Fur Jacket-Topshop
Jeans-Urban Outfitter
White vest-H&M
Grey boots-Topshop


Any favourite designers?
Isabel Marant, Alexander Wang, Rick Owens for his leather jackets, Chloe, Burberry, Rodarte and Fendi for S/S 10 looks amazing.

Name one dream item of clothing you would love to own..
This kind of thing always changes. Right now I will say a Rick Owens black leather jacket something detailed, one that looks expensive, feels and smells amazing.


Outfit 4


Moving on to the male species..Any icons?
Justin Bobby and Pete Doherty when he is skinny and Thom Browne.


Outfit 5
Boots-Forever 21

Finally ..How important is fashion to you?
Fashion is the singlemost significant part of my life. I eat breathe and sleep it. It is my career determines the outcome of so many choices I make- if I did not have fashion I do not think I would have anything.

Well you would have us Kate! Big thank you to Kate for letting us delve into her fashionable world and a huge thank you for letting us borrow your clothes every weekend hehehee!!!

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p.s. If anyone is interested in doing a style file let us know!Email us

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