Thursday, July 2, 2009

Previously on The City..

We have been lost since our favourite fake reality show "The City" has taken a break for the summer..

Damn MTV getting us hooked with silly story lines , amazing clothes and the dream DREAM uber glamorous life in NYC...

I know the resident bitch Olivia has been gracing many of our magazines here as she is becoming some what of a fashion icon. But my opinion is anyone with a waif like figure/ millions of dollaz can be considered a fashion icon. Cheryl Cole anyone? Jeez...

But the person I think really deserves the praise is gorgeous Erin. Man can she rock an outfit..seriously the way she'll throw a hair piece or other funky accessory on really shows her personality...

So we were shocked/ saddened/ inconsolable/traumatised etc etc when we found out these two were quitting the show! BOO!!

Here's a tribute to lovely Erin, and a little bit to Olivia('s hair.)
What? She's an evil cow!


P.S. I want those pink boots...Topshop have created the ABBY. MMmmm want. Need.

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  1. you girls aren't alone in your love of "the city." and i totally agree - erin lucas knows how to rock. i've been dying to get her hairstyle.