Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Awesome-o or Hella Lame..

Hmm as you may have read a couple of posts ago I wrote about the Ralph Lauren sequined harem pants.

Well while on my lunch break and walking through liffey valley (don't judge me we all gotta make the dollaz) while reading look magazine I actually "eeeeked" when I saw that Topshop have done their very own version. I ran all the way home an onto their site to have an aul looksee.

Hmmm what do you think?


I really hope this isn't their only effort at these trousers.
Firstly they look like they're based on the jersey harem Pant in the store, which to be frank are cheap looking and unflattering on everyone.
Secondly the silver just aint doin it for me. Gold or bronze PUHLEAZE. Even a lovely maroon , keep the colours rich...

I hope they do a higher end pair because Topshop are the highstreet store that need to nail it otherwise what are the rip offs going to be like :(

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