Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A whole bag of crazy..

So me and Louise are completely divided on the whole "Twilight" shiz goin on at the minute. I know this may not win me any fans ..but there is one thing I just need to get one thing off my chest...ahem ahem... Seriously? do people honestly think that it was a good movie?? If R-Patz wasn't in it would it be as good?? I mean come ON! I cringed the entire way through, especially with the "oooh don't look at me I'm sooo ugly" bit and it was basically him with a tube of sunshimmer on?? And if one more person says "yea but you have to read the book to get it!" No I freakin well don't that's the point of a movie! It should tell me the story without leaving out huge chunks..." ah well they've probaly read the book". Or maybe the movie should come with a pamphlet? So when someone like me is in the cinema saying WTFFFFF??? i should refer to section b paragraph 2 diagram 3. Never have I been so sure of something being sooo awful , only to have the entire world floating around like it's the bleedin shaw shank redemption. And the "intense chemistry" between them. I won't even start for fear of my life.

Ok I'm sorry Louise and Twilight fans here's a picture of the oh so talented, very believable as a person as well as a vampire , couldn't have been cast better, should win every oscar next year for his portrayal of a deep intense person, full of charisma, Robbert Pattinson.

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  1. damn... that pic kinda restores my love all over again. Sorry Unz.

  2. i havent seen it but if i had i bet i'd hat it . so there . ha